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For more information, seeProRhythm,Forget technology Good Belly Laughs required for leg ulcers. The best prescription for patients with venous leg ulcers is good quality nursing care – and the occasional belly laugh!Has led a five-year study at the University of Leeds shows that ultrasound therapy does nothing to speed up the healing process of leg ulceration – contrary to what was expected. Traditional methods of care cheaper and easier cheaper and easier to work just well, the authors conclude. May The ‘ healing energy ‘ of low-dose ultrasound to make a difference to some medical conditions, but ulcers with venous ulcers, which simply is not the case, said Professor Andrea Nelson from the University of Leeds School of Healthcare, led the study.

Venous ulcers are in people with varicose veins or mobility problems whose ‘ muscle pump in the feet and calves struggle to drive blood to the heart together. These ulcers can be painful and unsightly, with significant negative impacts on the health and quality of life.Scholars examined how bacteria that become infected pulmonary of cystic fibrosis patients collecting nutrient from their environment. The work builds on knowing that most bacterial working together to cushion from their environment, from their environment, but some bacteria non activated blow, place stealing nutrition from nearby germs.

Cystic fibrosis is an inherited disease that are more than 8,000 people affects in Great Britain, following the Cystic Fibrosis Trust. Example the viscera, primarily affects the lungs and digestive systems so that it to breathe and digest food.