For his or her study.

For his or her study, the UNC group tested ultrasound on laboratory rats and discovered that two 15-minute doses considerably decreased both sperm counts and sperm integrity. When administered two times through warm salt drinking water apart, ultrasound triggered the rats’ sperm counts to drop below ten million sperm per milliliter, which can be five million significantly less than the sub-fertile range, and stay that method for up to half a year. The technology is claimed by The report is for contraceptive purposes only rather than for causing sterility.The beneficial effect of psychological intimacy that the researchers saw among participants was on par with some medicines used to take care of the disease. A report on the scholarly study, believed to end up being the first to display that the patient-caregiver relationship may directly influence progression of Alzheimer’s disease, is published in the September 2009 The Journals of Gerontology Series B: Psychological Sciences and Sociable Sciences and currently available online.