Eduardo Agudo Aponte.

The article nutritional assessment of a Moroccan university population in Ramadan by Professors Mar published a Jes s L pez Oliveras, Eduardo Agudo Aponte, Pablo Nieto Guindo, Fernando Mart nez Mart nez, Herminia L? pez Garc? a de la Serrana and Mar? a del Carmen L? pez Mart? note 30 – 30 – student of the UGR all were 19 to 27, where 36 percent of the population are women and 64 percent of men aged, and with a control group the population, which the 30 universities volunteers compared to not Ramadan..

In additionts of the UGR suggest diet improvements during Ramadanresearchers from the faculties of the Department of Nutrition and Bromatology and Department of Chemistry – Physics of the University of Granada have a study in which they have carried out the necessary counterweight to the nutrition of the disclosed the university population which follows Ramadan.Would new center ‘ Lead The World ‘ In Neuromuscular Researchexplorer to neuromuscular disorder and terms are affected by these conditions, a significant MRC granted welcomed the MRC the Centre for to create neuromuscular diseases, Turn our growing understanding of the mechanisms of the neuromuscular diseases in the practice treatments and cures.