During the time that the children were hospitalized.

During the time that the children were hospitalized, leaving the Frost family in CHIP. Because of their experience, decided Bonnie and Halsey Frost come to support CHIP and share their story about how the program helped her family.

In spite of false accusations and vicious attacks on her family, the Frosts have not waiver. They stood by their support of the CHIP program and health insurance for America’s children. Bonnie Frost said: The whole point of it for me was that this program helped my family and I wanted it to help others. Graeme and his family have the strength to do do the courage.Meanwhile Republicans criticizing a five-year $ 375,000 program of the Senate health care reform bill charge responsible life style and educating young on the Prevention, abstinence and other aims financial adult preparation themes how healthy relationships, and general knowledge Politico report. Tom Coburn has submitted an amendment for removing the provision that would be allocated by subsidies. Democratic arguing that Coburn, the main subject contraceptives contraception education Policy the draft law though most of the agents in the direction prevention of teen pregnancy would go..

To win for the sake of democratic support for the bill, healthy relationships and any Senate Democrats at the White House to a meeting on Tuesday afternoon to the encourage unity about health care reform. Said he had said he was hopeful that in the coming week we will be save on the way towards the final adopt a law ‘s life, saved money and saves Medicare (Werner, Reg. / Yahoo.