Due to an erroneous media report.

This concern isn’t supported in scientific literature simply. The radiation dose to the thyroid from a mammogram is low extremely. The thyroid isn’t exposed to the immediate X-ray beam used to image the breasts and receives just a little quantity of scattered X-rays . This is equivalent to just 30 minutes of natural background radiation received by all Americans from natural sources. For annual screening mammography from ages 40-80, the tumor risk from this tiny quantity of radiation scattered to the thyroid can be incredibly small .College students must repay the entire amount borrowed at the prevailing interest rate if they usually do not meet the employment requirement. Debtors have 10 years to settle the loan. The mortgage program offers a pipeline of nursing educators to help fill gaps in teaching faculty at universities developed by an aging and retiring workforce, Zauszniewski stated. Zauszniewski works together with Dedra Hanna-Adams, the nursing school's director of financial aid, to monitor the use of the funds and talk to students about the mortgage's obligations and goals. The lack of educators has triggered some nursing institutions to close because they can't reach the required faculty-to-student ratio, that may vary from condition to convey, Zauszniewski said.

CDC report blames researcher’s haste for bird flu virus mishandling News outlets covered the release of the record Friday.