Congenital mirror movement is a rare disease reproductive mechanism.

Congenital mirror movement is a rare disease, inherited from one generation to another by dominant. Sufferers lose the ability to perform different movements with separate hands: if you are moving in a certain way, the other hand is forced to copy the same motion, even if the person does not wish to do so reproductive mechanism . So people suffering from this disease are completely unable bimanual motor tasks, such as playing the piano , for example. This phenomenon in children in children, but usually spontaneously cleared before the age of 10 years, no doubt because of the maturation of motor neuron networks. In humans, adds. The disorder, the disease childhood and childhood and throughout life.

In humans , the motor system is a cross-sectional control system, which means that the left side of the brain, the motor functions of the right side of the body and vice versa, cross-over cross-over takes place brainstem. By studying the expression of the RAD51 protein during development of the motor system in mice, the researchers found that this gene connects to the crossover network of the engine that could the brain to spinal fluid on the brain stem may be implanted.

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