Claudine Isaacs of Georgetown University Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center ed avis de traitement.

Chlebowski and colleagues found that even when the hormone therapy for two years significantly increases a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer, but if it reduces the risk under only two years only two years after stopping at the level once again heard it started ed avis de traitement . Started. Claudine Isaacs of Georgetown University Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center, told the Associated Press that this is a extremely good news for women because even though you may have been on hormones for a long time you bring even the downside risk :.

Excluded for both parts of the study, the researchers frequency of mammograms as a factor. – The researchers concluded that: These results demonstrate that the setting of the E+ P beat[ estrogen plus progestin] use is a rapid reduction in breast cancer incidence, not by mammography utilization change is explained and support the hypothesis linked to the recent reduction in breast cancer incidence is seen in certain age groups are largely to a decline in the combined menopause therapy use of in related. .

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