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‘If we can show superior efficacy and / or safety and tolerability of the new artesunate treatment in African children we expected a major change in policy in the treatment of severe malaria in African children are are IV artesunate, ‘Dr. J Carl Craft, Chief Scientific Officer of MMV. Said ‘has the potential to save many young lives price .

1 To increase the body of evidence for the use of this active ingredient in children in areas of high transmission, and show that the use of potentially toxic intravenous quinine can be avoided.


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The editorial staff accompanying a study by Italian researchers which receive data from standardized neurogical examination to a simple scale measuring the total number of subtle neurologic abnormalities using development disability-free from older adults. The Italian study found out that a greater number of subtle neurologic abnormalities in patients without cognitive impairment predicted at baseline both cognitive and functional decline in. ‘The Italian survey confirms that looking at subtle neurological abnormalities have in healthy elderly adults, the medical an insight into factors of these 24 ‘contribution to a deterioration of functional knowledge of that lead to disability and poor quality of life, told drafting coauthor Malaz Boustani, an assistant professor of Medicine Indiana University School of Medicine an Indiana University in the Center for Packaging Research detectives and one the Regenstrief Institute research.