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This unique combination brings together the powerful blood pressure lowering effects of valsartan and aliskiren, said Joe Jimenez, CEO of Novartis Pharmaceuticals Division. It provides an important additional treatment option for physicians and hypertension patients, many of whom do not have their blood pressure goal. Valturna builds on our strong cardiovascular franchise and is consistent with our long-term commitment to developing effective and innovative therapies. Further strengthens our growing portfolio of single-pill treat high blood pressure treat high blood pressure .In-house from Penn and director the Center for Outcomes Research at Children Hospital of Philadelphia report about their findings in two trials on the 5th September issue JAMA.. Analysis of over 8 million patient hospital admissions on Medicare system and more than 300,000 hospitalization in the U.S. Veterans Affairs system , found the research, that Penn compulsory improve hour regulations to medical residents the VA system significantly patient mortality, but these regulations were significant degradation significant worsening or improvement of in mortality on Medicare patients. Study studies ‘ corresponding author of Kevin G. Assistant professor for medicine and Health Systems at University of Pennsylvania and score a faculty member by Center for Health Equity Research and Promotions at the Philadelphia Veterans Affairs Medical Center, and co-principal investigator Jeffrey B.

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