Can chiropractic help get rid of the suicide disease?

Can chiropractic help get rid of the ‘suicide disease?’ Research demonstrates there is expect people experiencing trigeminal neuralgia . Generally regarded as a condition impossible to completely cure; TN, also called tic douloureux or the suicide disease, has had a rich, recorded history dating back to the first hundred years A.D. Where it had been described by Aretaeus of Cappodocia primarily. Since that time, many have attemptedto illustrate the debilitating, painful paroxysms so common to the elusive and enigmatic disease.

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Can elderberry help deal with colds and flu? An ancient herbal remedy gets fresh attention this cool and flu period. Some parents and actually pediatricians believe elderberry extract or syrup might help kids remain healthy and lessen the symptoms when they do get unwell. The Brennan family in Glen Rock, NJ, believes it works. So we give the kids, and we take it ourselves, elderberry every morning hours right after breakfast, Kevin Brennan told CBS Information. He whips up a homemade concoction using frozen elderberries, honey and blueberries. Some medical study suggests elderberry might reduce swelling in the mucous membranes to help relieve congestion.