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CDC didn’t report basic safety violation until many a few months later By law, the CDC must report breaches like this soon after they occur. But according to reviews, the agency waited several months before finally coming clean – – the safety breach happened in January; officials say they learned about it May, in July and it was finally reported. According to this statement, the CDC delivered the contaminated avian flu sample from its primary campus near Atlanta, Georgia, to a USDA poultry laboratory in nearby Athens, Georgia.Experts are viewing it closely for any sign it might spark a pandemic, but say up to now there is no evidence it can spread quickly among people. They believe infections are caused by some type or sort of contact with sick birds. ‘The biggest technical obstacle for prevention is that we don’t know where in fact the virus-carrying birds are or where they will go,’ Xu Jianguo, a researcher with the Chinese Middle for Disease Prevention and Control, told the Xinhua news agency. He added the outbreak isn’t likely to disappear anytime soon. Last Thursday, Chinese scientists reported for the first time that they found strong evidence of how humans became contaminated with a new stress of bird flu: from hens at a live market. April 25 in The Lancet For the analysis published, Chinese researchers compared swabs from birds at marketplaces in eastern China to virus samples from four sufferers who caught the new H7N9 virus.