But what if other cells in the body could be coaxed into ever pancreatic beta cells www.erectalis.net/erectalis.html?

But what if other cells in the body could be coaxed into ever pancreatic beta cells? Could we possibly cure diabetes?Researchers at UCLA Larry L www.erectalis.net/erectalis.html erectalis.net . Hillblom Islet Research Center step in that direction step in this direction. They report in the April issue of the journal Developmental Cell that they underlying underlying mechanism convert other cell types into pancreatic beta cells. While helping to maintain the current standard of treatment for diabetes insulin therapy patient blood sugar level, it is not perfect, and many patients remain at high risk for developing a variety of medical complications -. Replenish lost beta cells as as a permanent solution, both for those who assault such cells due to an immune response and those acquire the diabetes later in life due to insulin resistance are. ‘Our work shows that beta cells and related endocrine cells can be converted into each other,’said study co-author study co-author Dr. Anil Bhushan, an associate professor of medicine in the endocrinology division at the David Geffen School of Medicine UCLA and the UCLA Department of Molecular, cell and Developmental Biology. – It was long assumed that the identity of cells was ‘locked ‘into place and that they will not run into other cell types. But recent studies have shown that some types of cells in the transition to other findings that have intensified interest in understanding the mechanisms to preserve beta cell identity can be elicited. – The UCLA researchers show that chemical tags called ‘methyl groups ‘the DNA the DNA where they where they like a volume knob, turning up or down the activity of specific genes are critical to understanding how cells into insulin – can be converted secreting beta cells. They show that DNA methylation ARX, a gene in the U.S. Of glucagon-secreting alpha cells in the embryonic pancreas triggers silent in beta cells.

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