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The study is not the Americans permission to to the wind and to the wind and eat what foods they want. – But can the people say, I can not as thin as I was, but I can still be healthy because I am active and have a balanced diet, he said. Improved physical performance should reach older adults a healthy lifestyle and enjoy a longer life in better health. .

The results of the study are in the 5th December issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association. The study, which was conducted from 1979 to 2001, is the first the link the link among fitness, body fat and death in elderly Americans. – ‘ Fitness level is a strong predictor of the risk of death in older adults, ‘said Dr. Steven N. An Arnold School professor and one of the study authors.###highlights in the in Jul. 2006 Journal of the American Dietetic Association.. The medicament is currently used for use in patients which are approved:.

To enhance* ‘Stage of change of Healthy Food and use Behavioural strategies’* ‘dinner Programmes Nutritional Risk: A Longitudinal Analysis Of Code of Housing Seniors ‘* ‘Mature Black women differ in calcium supply source as compared to ages and socioeconomic matched White Women ‘.