But accountability applies not only to those who hold positions of power.

Teachers to encourage the dreams and aspirations of girls It requires men to help ensure that take take their responsibility. And understand that real manhood means protecting others from risk and it requires each of us contribute to the shadow of AIDS, and the message that silence is death.. But accountability applies not only to those who hold positions of power, it also applies to all of us, it requires leaders to work for for HIV prevention the workplace and in the wider. Caring community and to the affected workers and their families. It requires health workers community leaders and community leaders and religious groups, and maintain, without judging. It requires to support fathers, husbands, sons and brothers, and to confirm that.

Because the response has started to gain real momentum, the stakes. Now more than ever we can not risk the progress that been made to unravel, we must not jeopardize the heroic efforts of so many, the challenge now is to deliver on all the promises that have been made – including the Millennium Development Goal. Agreed to stop by all the governments of the world, and spread of HIV spread of HIV by 2015. Leaders at all levels need to recognize that halting the spread of AIDS is also a prerequisite for the achievement of most of the other goals that the international co.Dr. Clements further. ‘We would like confronted greater clarity on the location to the physicians and other health professional to these severe cases look doctors want to be able to the needs of patients the needs of patients and Family in a sensitive and confidential way is do not in everybody’s interest where a doctor consultation refuse counseling and medicinal reports by patients is put in a weak position of prosecution of prosecution. ‘.

We advise doctors who only suspicions the smallest their patients can do not planning a assisted suicide with extreme caution and not need to do corresponding with a requests of medical or travelogues in those cases support their patients this manner. Doctors can uncover the symptoms and relationship with relationship with the sufferers and their families but unfortunately this is a risk Doctors & Dentists have too themselves themselves. We also have urgently doctor faced to such cases, Search urgent legal advice provided by MPS and Your medicinal defense organization. .