Bridging the gap between these experiments and human biology is a major hurdle.

A compound is often associated with the prognostic value of molecular markers – groups of genes whose activation in certain biological processes. Researchers found, first, a cancer marker and then assess the ability of the marker to predict survival. The fact that prognostic prognostic is, as proof that the particular biological driver driver of cancer.. Most experimental biomedical research on animals or on cells in test tubes due to the limits of Ethics will conducted on place experimental study in humans.

The authors challenge this argument by highlighting that most whimsical molecular markers, for example are genes with mice connected social behavior are predictive in human breast cancer cells. They also examined 47 markers in leading scientific journals, published the different biological processes supposedly relevant breast cancer. They confirmed their prognostic value, but noted that 60 percent of them are no better than random markers without any biological justification. Thus, it seems the prognostic ability of the molecular markers in human breast cancer cells to little meaningful information to convey to the biological processes of breast cancer progression..‘These study provides evidence, if a child feels that an undesirable characteristic of some form be under personal check, they are less likely anybody someone shows this characteristic, ‘Live Good said. ‘The study implies no experience with not familiar with this specific undesired property, it a positive likely positively order anyone specific to this quality is. ‘.

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