Boosting the chance that great bacteria might someday be tapped in the fight HIV.

The findings result from physicians and researchers at the University of Washington and the University of Rochester INFIRMARY, who worked jointly in order to find out more about how HIV survives and spreads from individual to individual. The analysis involving 57 females was carried out in Seattle and Rochester through the Women’s HIV Interdisciplinary Network , which is situated at the University of Washington. The group studied the vaginal environment, examining the mixture of bacterias that reside there and considering several other factors.‘About ten months when i got back, I attempted suicide,’ Kahl told CBS News’ Barry Petersen. ‘I was completely hopeless,’ recalled the veteran, who said he was on about 15 different medications. Until the day time he tried marijuana. ‘Suddenly, my overactive extremely, hyper-vigilant mind started to relax,’ he told Petersen, ‘and my pain gradually began to disappear completely, too. I needed much less of these other medications, and shortly afterwards, I identified that I absolutely have to move to circumstances that allows this so that I can obtain my life back.’ He relocated his family to Colorado and today works with an organization called Grow4Vets.