Bishops conference on Friday explicitly against research reports.

U.S. Bishops’ conferenceatement reject embryonic stem cell researchIn its first formal statement solely on human embryonic stem cell research, the U.S. Bishops’ conference on Friday explicitly against research reports, AFP / The false assumption that a good end can justify direct killing is the source of much evil in our world, the statement, adding, [W] e sure there ,, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, who God knows not matter (AFP / Google the statement adds. Ultimately, each of us is going to die, but that gives no one the us us .

The document – what the bishops during their mid-year meeting in Orlando, Florida, with a 191-1 vote accepted – contains no new teachings, the bishops said that it has been issued to clear confusion about the Catholic faith, especially in an election year in which candidates will debate on embryonic research Archbishop Joseph Naumann of Kansas City, Kansas. A Member the group of the Committee on Pro-Life Activities – said: Verily it would be it would be a document, take this seriously , would all policy-makers all policy-makers (AP / Google.The revelation can have significant impact leading medicine researcher developed new and better against influenza and other viruses to obstruct into the future of.