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By any measure that is a huge success tale. But why aren’t our political leaders, pundits and corporate press talking more about any of it? You can expect one possible response: The same time period coincides with a dramatic rise in concealed bring laws and regulations and other laws made to tear down aged gun control statutes. Is certainly a coincidence? AMERICA has the highest price of gun possession in the globe – by significantly. And it gets the highest price of homicides among advanced countries, says Yet, gun criminal offense provides been declining in the U.S.Kansas Health Institute: Lawmakers And Providers Assess KanCare Changeover There have been plenty of problems and frustrations. It really is denied by Nobody. But as Gov. Sam Brownback's Medicaid makeover entered its 4th week, administration officials, some legislators and a variety of others involved with KanCare stated they thought the massive adjustments underway in the $3.2 billion program so far have got gone smoother than many expected . California Healthline: Half of California's Kids May Get Medi-Cal DENTAL HYGIENE By this right period next year, about 50 percent of California's kids – – five million – – are certain to get dental hygiene through Medi-Cal roughly, California's Medicaid program. Or maybe they received't. A fresh issue brief from The Children's Partnership suggests California's Medicaid system may not be to the duty up.