Baxter R & D Baxter BioScience focuses its own scientific resources and uses strategic alliances.

###Baxter R & D Baxter BioScience focuses its own scientific resources and uses strategic alliances, in this case, treatment of hemophilia and bleeding disorders. Building on its history of innovation, the company is developing therapies provide provide less invasive dosing techniques, require less frequent infusions and / or decrease the potential for inhibitor formation the lives the lives of people with hemophilia.

Baxter scientists presented preclinical results using a novel approach for the half-life of factor VIII from modifying a rvWF use pegylation or glycosylation extend technologies. The results suggest that these approaches can be FVIII less susceptible to the body? S decomposition process. Baxter will continue to operate extensive preclinical research before the modified protein will be available for clinical evaluation.The researchers also discovered been found the three transcription factors liver of diabetic mice improved dramatically glucose tolerance in these animals. ‘of glucose tolerance is the ability to keep up normal blood sugar levels in our bodies,’says Dr. ‘Under normal conditions, insulin out of pancreatic beta cell published once glucose load. Released insulin the intake of glucose promotes in peripheral tissues like muscles and bold and and glucose production suppresses by the liver in order to obtain glucose tolerance upright in contrast, under diabetic conditions, beta cell dysfunction and insulin resistance often been observed disturbs glucose tolerance. ‘.

Or, if Use this transcription factors to increase insulin secretion in diabetic mice.

One group of Japanese researchers was used gene of three of insulin transcription factors which PDX-1 and NeuroD, deliver by the livers of diabetic mice. As a result experience the mice an increase in of the insulin gene expression and production of insulin which to be the possibility that might eventually for the treatment of diabetes.