Based upon the successes created by its initial investment of $ 56.

– For almost 10 years, Merck is to save as a partner in supporting the Government of Botswana, the lives of thousands of people living with HIV and AIDS and we are confident that our new funding will continue to contribute to the welfare of the country , said Richard T. Chairman and CEO of Merck. This collaboration is a great success story. On many levels, and is a example to many countries within and outside the African continent .. Based upon the successes created by its initial investment of $ 56,000 nine years, Merck an additional $ 30 an additional $ 30 million over the next five years.

– ‘Our partners ‘ contributions, through funding, antiretroviral medicine donations and medical expertise were absolutely essential to our ability to address the needs of the Batswana living with HIV and AIDS,’said Themba Moeti, Managing AHP of ‘ ‘we look forward to strengthening our partnership as we enter our second phase and improve the successes of our first decade while responding to the challenges that remain and retaining the flexibility solve new problems. ‘.. AHP has helped to function as public-private partnerships could be the lives of the the lives of the poorest people infected with HIV. Between 2001 and 2007, the partnership has supported Botswana in preventing the estimated deaths of more than 53,000 Batswana living with HIV. New problems.90 % of Batswana are living with HIV receive treatment, compared to less than 5 % when the program began in 2001.Many new research has suggested that our sedentary lifestyles and modern nutrition of susceptibility to osseous responsible for responsible.

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