Are You Ready for 2009?

Are You Ready for 2009? TOP Checklist for Health and Wealth Preparedness As the brand new year rolls in, the mainstream media seems to be saying now that 2008 is over, things will automatically get better for the economy. ‘Good bye 2008!’ say the headlines. And ‘Hello New Calendar year!’ The trouble is normally, in Washington D cialis .C. There have been simply no decisions made whatsoever that may be expected to create a better result this year reasonably. I want to review where we are at this time as 2009 rolls in: • The ongoing health care system in the us remains a comprehensive disaster, costing the country over 20 % of its GDP in disease treatment costs while trading zero dollars in real disease prevention.

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Because it first became an option for American wheat farmers in the early 1990s, spraying standard wheat crops with Roundup just prior to harvest has basically become the norm. The most recent U.S. Section of Agriculture numbers show that, by 2012, 99 % of durum wheat, 97 % of spring wheat, and 61 % of winter wheat is doused in herbicides to harvest prior. ‘Using Roundup on wheat crops through the entire entire growing period and even as a desiccant before harvest may save the farmer money and increase profits, nonetheless it is devastating to the health of the consumer who ultimately consumes the glyphosate residue laden wheat kernels,’ writes Pope. The reason this is problematic is that Roundup damages several key pathways by which our body processes and absorbs nutrients.