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Several clinics provide laser hair removal in Vancouver but before you use their services, it is wise to consult your gynecologist regarding your symptoms of undesired facial hair. PCOS – A Common Culprit Facial hair growth in ladies is unwanted and the condition is named hirsutism. Of course, in some women, the presence of facial hair may be just a hereditary phenomenon – if your grandmothers, mother, or aunts had undesired facial hair, you are quite more likely to have it, too. However, in women where this is simply not true, it is generally accepted that Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome may be the likely reason behind hirsutism. PCOS is normally a condition where there exists a disturbance of the proportions of the feminine sex hormones.‘We examined the distance between the home and active roads to find the range at which the majority of the unwanted effects on birth outcomes occurred because it has implications for regional governments planning expansions or new roads,’ he said. Most of the effects were within a 200-metre radius, but adverse health results were present up to 400 metres. Professor Barnett said the analysis had also considered the effects of smoking amounts and the socio-economic status of the mothers. The consequences of noise pollution were considered to be a possible contributing aspect, but Professor Barnett stated it was difficult to separate the consequences of noise and air pollution. ‘Vehicles braking and starting means that road junctions have a few of the highest levels of noise and air pollution,’ he said.