Antipodean Pharmaceuticals Initiates Phase 2 study in hepatitis CAntipodean Pharmaceuticals apcalis sx gel.

Antipodean Pharmaceuticals Initiates Phase 2 study in hepatitis CAntipodean Pharmaceuticals, today announced that a Phase 2 clinical trial of lead compound MitoQ of the drug evaluate the efficacy of the drug to liver damage in patients with elevated reduce liver enzymes associated with the hepatitis C virus apcalis sx gel . The principal investigator for the study enrolled Dr. Edward Gane, Associate Professor of Medicine, New Zealand Liver Transplant Unit at Auckland City Hospital, the first patient. ‘Although new antiviral agents are in development, therapies are needed to reduce liver damage in patients with chronic hepatitis and to reduce inflammation and fibrosis,’said Dr. ‘MitoQ the novel mechanism may be an additional option to to treat these occurrences as newer therapies are available. ‘.

Study. Clinical trials of the membrane as an HIV prevention methodresearcher at the Women’s Global Health Imperative program at the University of Medical Center in California, San Francisco conduct a large scale clinical trial among 4,500 women in Zimbabwe and South Africa to the test effectiveness of membranes in preventing the spread of HIV, the Chicago Sun-Times reported. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation $ 28,000 $ 28,000 for the study. Examined the membrane in the study, called is a ‘one is, in the development of the Seattle-based PATH. SILCS is a ‘one – size fits most ‘silicone device that is likely to receive FDA approval and be available until 2010, according to the Sun-Times. SILCS differs from the most commonly used membrane, called the Ortho All – Flex, because they do not require a woman undergo a pelvic examination be mounted with the correct size. ‘Manufacturing processes have changed, materials have been updated, we know much more about vaginal anatomy now, so this is a good, simple technique in women, particularlycould make significant improvements in, ‘Maggie Kilbourne – Brook, a PATH program officer, Preliminary results of the study, Zimbabwe and South Africa are expected to be published this summer, reports the Sun-Times. ‘The world is waiting for the results, ‘Kilbourne – Brook, and added: ‘If it turns out that something as simple as a diaphragm. Could actually offer some protection against HIV, which is something that could get in the hands of women very easily. ‘According to the Sun-Times, could prove SILCS ‘a powerful tool ‘world in preventing the spread of HIV in women, particularly in Africa, where methods of protection that women can initiate without their partners consent is required, and some experts have proponents have said (Schwartz apple, Chicago Sun-Times.

To children first time pediatric case series performed late last month been liver from a deceased donor transplantation into a 9 – year-old maple syrup . Their liver was then poured into a 24 – year-old patient in Saudi Arabia without transplanted there to the disease. The grafts were led the surgeon Georgetown V. Mazariegos, director of the Pediatric Transplantation at Children’s Hospital Hillman Center for Pediatric Transplant.