And this week the BMA sends look After our NHS campaign packs to each of its members in the UK -.

And this week the BMA sends’ look After our NHS campaign packs to each of its members in the UK -. Than 100,000 doctors and medical students on the pack posters contain painted businessmen, the money from the NHS, ‘ public to ‘help us to patients before profits. ‘.

‘NHS staff on a daily basis the waste of tax money caused by this fixation with market ideology, particularly the draw public purse, it is important that public money is not wasted on expensive commercial experiments.Birds, Prevent Disease: nation Default is launched, CanadaThe Canadian Food Inspection Agency has launched a national standard to poultry producers to life in order to order to protect animal health and protection Canadian food supply.

The National Avian On-Farm Biosecurity Standard focuses on prevention and health measures known to jointly as bio , which play an important role in keeping illness from the farm and of Canadian food chains. ‘biosafety is the best money can be making that producers the health of its the health of their Animals on the property and make the most of their business,’said Agriculture Ministers Gerry scratch. ‘This national standard to be cause which producer on good biosecurity practices so that together we can protected Canadian poultry industries against disease. ‘.