And syngo Dynamic PET with Myocardial Blood Flow.

Accurate measurement of myocardial blood flow during PET perfusion studies compared to regular myocardial perfusion studies This additional information could have a significant impact on the diagnosis of patients with advanced coronary artery disease have and especially the patients with multi – vessel disease, or those who are asymptomatic.. Siemens highlight cardiology solutions in diagnostic SPECT-CT and PET – CT imaging with IQ SPECT technology and a five minute SPECT – CT scans with available calcium scoring, and syngo Dynamic PET with Myocardial Blood Flow, a new cardiac imaging? Software for industry – leading Biograph PET – CT scanners.

Siemens Cardiovascular IT Solutions optimize clinical workflows through integration of imaging and information technologies, and are designed to make healthcare faster, better and cheaper. With syngo Dynamics, Siemens ‘ multi-modality image viewing and archiving, knowledge-based and clinically derived evidence-based structured reporting support clinical decisions.None at all. Shortage of training on diet dooms millions of about early grave.

The correct nutrition is of crucial importance for in maintaining good health and ward off illness. Diet can even a crucial role in the cure disease of all kinds, including the the cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer – which top three cause illness, death. It is therefore shock that our doctors – that most people for help for diet and the dietary – to receive few no training on the subject in medical schools.

Ray D. Author of Death by Prescription, which is interrupted the lack of education on eating, where he reports. In the medical school I did not have notable tutorials on the I found was is not only alone. , two-time physicians conclusion in the U.S. Have do not formation in nutrition. .