An optical eye infection that can lead to blindness.

‘ repeated treatments or other measures will be necessary for elimination of infection, mainly because recommended by WHO. An individual treatment won’t suffice.’.. Antibiotic not sufficient for treating trachoma in populations with high disease prevalence Treating trachoma, an optical eye infection that can lead to blindness, with an individual mass antibiotic distribution in Ethiopian communities with high prevalence of contamination isn’t effective in eliminating the disease, according to a study in the March 8 issue of JAMA: The Journal of the American Medical Association.The analysis resulted in inconclusive findings linked to the drug's influence on children, thanks to lack of data. The safest serotonin receptor antagonists with respect to arrhythmia were dexamethasone plus ondansetron, and dolasetron for individuals of all ages, and dexamethasone plus ondansetron for kids, the study found. Dr. Tricco, who includes a PhD in people health, is also an associate professor in the Dalla Lana College of Public Wellness at the University of Toronto.. Bristol-Myers Squibb receives FDA approval for Nulojix to avoid organ rejection after kidney transplant The U.S.