Agreed to total of 34 countries.

Agreed to total of 34 countries, to the IAEA survey in if the data is available for only 12 countries and more countries are currently, probably give data in the coming months.

Our work shows that the machine is not the machine is not enough, he says. Demonstrates that demonstrates that the assessment of image quality and radiation dose to the patient goes hand in hand with safe and effective medical radiography. .Domestic applications Bush budget proposal $ 188,000 for a new Domestic HIV / AIDS Initiative, $ 95 million, would be come from those by the Ryan White includes CARE Act for the treatment of and publicity and $ 93,000 . Said part to the draft budget which Ryan White CARE Act, 000 would be for reducing AIDS Drug Assistance programs waiting lists and recently diagnosed access to medication access to drugs go. ADAPS be federal and state-funded programs, to HIV / AIDS – related drugs offers low-income, uninsured and underinsured and HIV-positive persons.

Kaiser Family Foundation 2005 Advisory Board Company and Kaiser Family Foundation, All rights reserved.. President Bush proposal business year the 2007 budget am Montag on Monday , would funding for Global HIV / AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria initiatives and to the millenniumgoals enhance Challenge Corpo, CQ HealthBeat reports fight. PEPFAR has a five – year $ is fifteen billion program means for the HIV / AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria focused above all on 15 priority states and is financial resources for the Global Fund . According to the administration would the increase so that the U.S. To submit to antiretroviral therapy to further 900,000 PEPFAR recipients in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean through 2008 . ‘We have people in the country waiting in line for life-saving HIV drugs or other services, and while we were to estimate this call new financing, we know a lot more need, and next more catch-up by a growing epidemic,’AIDS Project Los Angeles Executive Director Craig Thompson said .