After adjusting for factors such as family history of asthma.

After adjusting for factors such as family history of asthma, air pollution, tobacco smoke and signs of cockroaches, rodents or mold in the home, the researchers found that babies born in autumn and winter Triple have the chances of developing early wheezing often a precursor to asthma, by 24 months old.

To date, several clinical studies have shown that fish and walnut oil supplementation in pregnant women reduces the risk of allergies in their children, but the mechanism was unknown. There is intense research interest in maternal diet during pregnancy in the Western diet, the group of polyunsaturated fatty acids, which we have shown the development of allergies bowel function actually assist disappear our dietary intake of fish and nut oils is of corn replaced oils that another type of fatty acid contain Said Dr. Lle Boudry, the INRA research institute in Rennes, France.We recently of adult bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells in skeletal metastases Prostate Cancer.

In a preclinical murine model recently, we have illustrated the application of said unmodified MSC, cancers osteoprotegerin to inhibit the growth of prostatic tumors the bone by the formation of of new bone and the prevention of bone loss. Although this treatment has been potential in earlier stages of skeletal metastases, was missing meaning with established against established prostatic tumors within the bone. This limitation is due to the No. Board the MSC which could be injected into mice tibia;. An excess of from 5×105 cells routinely in Streaks a certain amount pulmonary embolism In this scenario, the number of the cancerous cells in the established tumors will be strongly a lower number this MSC , and therefore a moderate therapeutic effects..

This study was conducted localized tumor localized tumor in the mouse the tibia and no exactly present skeletal metastases of prostate cancer , which is prevalent skeletal. Etc the suggested approach will be in a in a full-body skeleton of metastasis in a preclinical animal model prior clinical transmission to humans.