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They conclude: The results should change current practice hormonalrm hormonal therapy plus radical radiotherapy the standard of care for men with locally advanced prostate cancer. . click here

The researchers found that, after a median follow-up of 7.6 years all-cause mortalitycrine only group and 37 men in the endocrine plus radiotherapy group had died of prostate cancer. The 10-year prostate cancer – specific mortality in the endocrine only group was twice as high as the endocrine plus radiotherapy as in the endocrine plus radiotherapy than in the endocrine plus radiotherapy . After five years in the urine, rectal and sexual problems more frequently in the combined treatment group than in endocrine only group. For these patients.ors conclude: ‘The present study shows a significant superiority of the endocrine plus radiotherapy treatment compared with endocrine treatment alone in patients with locally advanced prostate cancer, the endocrine plus radiotherapy resulted in a substantial reduction in prostate cancer mortality This significant difference. Reached after 10 years of 12 percent, which an improved an improved difference in overall survival percent percent?).

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