According to a North Carolina State University study.

However, the survey showed a gap between traffic perceptions and understanding of road safety. While 92 % of survey takers who saw the ‘Bicycles My Use Full Lane’ sign said that it had been legal for a bicyclist to utilize the middle of the lane, only 70 % said it was safe to allow them to do so. Hess and Peterson suggest departments of transportation consider replacing ‘Share the street’ signage with ‘Bicycles COULD USE Full Lane’ signs, in conjunction with shared lane markings perhaps, especially in places where passing within the same lane isn’t possible lawfully.Hungary’s chief veterinarian Miklos Suth says no live birds or eggs have been exported from his nation and has denied reviews suggesting contaminated geese in Hungary had been culled at the same abattoir in Kecwskemet that prepared the turkeys exported to England. Suth says the slaughterhouse where in fact the geese had been killed dealt just with geese, as the abattoir where in fact the turkeys died dealt with just turkeys. EU spokesman Philip Tod stated investigation was continuing into various other possible techniques bird flu could possess spread from Hungary to England. The Hungarian Poultry Council provides severely criticised the British press for wanting to place the foundation of the Suffolk outbreak right down to Hungary. EUROPE has authorized the Hungarian inquiry in to the outbreak and feasible links to the British case and so are reportedly content with the Hungarian investigations; but questions have already been raised regarding the level of co-procedure supplied to the authorities by Bernard Matthews.