A leading China based advanced-vitro diagnostics company dalafil daglig dos.

Technologies Receives Technologies Receives SFDA Approval for its first self-developed PCR-based EGFR assay for lung cancer targeted drugsChina Medical Technologies, , a leading China – based advanced-vitro diagnostics company, announced that it has received approval for its real-time PCR-based Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor assay for the use of lung cancer targeted drugs obtained from Administration of China Administration of China . – The EGFR PCR assay must be determined for the detection of the 28 most common somatic mutations in the EGFR gene in patients with non – small cell lung cancer and provides a qualitative assessment of mutation status to the use of of lung cancer targeted drugs for the patients. dalafil daglig dos

With its own internal research and development efforts, the company has successfully developed its first PCR-based tests in connection with companion diagnostic tests for personalized medicine for cancer patients. EGFR PCR assay, the first PCR-based assay for the use of EGFR cancer targeted drugs by SFDA is approved.

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